Rob McConlogue - Drums
Gerry Shea - Bass
Jim Cavoretto - Guitar
Atom L. Bomb - Vocals
and is located in Burlington Vermont


In the beginning of 1995 Jay Fitzgerald and Atom L. Bomb started a punk band called Bleeding Children. Jay on guitar, Atom on vocals, Rob McConologue on drums, and Jerry Shea on bass. Around june Bleeding Children played a show at the local high school, We ripped out everybodys ears. Bleeding Children also played a show at the community center in Jerico Vermont. Then around the end of 95' Jay moved to Delaware. With Jays help we found a new guitarist, Jim Cavereto.

With a new guitarist Bleeding Children was soon writing new songs. We were still writing punkrock but it also started to have a metal sound as well. Now that our sound was changing and we had a new guitarist we decided it was time to change the name of the band. After a lot of squabbling amongst ourselves we decided upon DRUNKEN MONKEY. After a couple months of being Drunken Monkey the name changed again. We were now "MAKE IT STOP."

The Life of Make It Stop:

Make It Stop had a 3 year life, they played shows in Burlington Vermont, and at Vermont Technical College.
They had two albums one which is self named and the other album, FEELING TIRED.

Here is a list of some of Make It Stop's songs, all of them are originals written by Make It Stop or go right to the lyrics page:

Took Away,



Never ending Blinking Light,

Utterly Helpless,

Thursday Afternoon

Santa Claws,

Satans Calling

Chocalaty Quick

ATR (Across The Room)

Oct. 2006

We have finished a putting together a new Make It Stop Cd called: "Projected Into The Sky." Make It Stop has been separated for many years now but Atom discovered 4 unreleased songs in the BloodKeg vault and decided it was time to release them. It contains 4 songs not previously released on cd 6 songs that were previously released. Make It Stop now has 3 Cds.