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The Dunce That's Under Lunched Music Video


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CD "Here's your money back":

Released April 30th 2004. Ten years in the making this CD rivals anything ever released by challenged even the powerful and emotional single "What you talkin bout Jimi?"

Here's your money back.

Music Video

Challenged has music videos. Go to the videos link in the menu on the left for viewing.

One of the videos is for the song, The dunce thats under lunched. Here are the words.

The Dunce thats under lunched
I am the dunce that's under lunched, Can't figure out the zip lock bag,
I ride the little bus, you could be one of us.
can you see this bananas brown, I think I'll eat the tapioca now,
I am the dunce thats under lunched,
I am the dunce thats under lunched,
Ow, I fell, Ow
I am the dunce thats under lunched.  


Challenged has now gone on 3 tours.  2 tours were in the east coast of the U.S. and 1 was in the west coast.  On none of these tours did they actually play.  In the east coast they were continually kicked out of clubs for starting fights with and getting beat up by young kids.  In the west coast the tour turned in to a quest to meet Dr Dre.  In the end they found themselves in Texas where they were attacked by an angry group of armadillos and never even made it to the west coast.


Challenged has been around for more then ten years no one remembers exactly how long.  They have written many songs some of which have been covered and rewritten by other bands.  They currently have 12 to 15 members all depending on who you talk to. In Frebruary from 2008 to 2011 Challenged has participated in the RPM Challenge. The Challenge - Record an album in 28 days, just because you can.


They have many influences, from classical, to pop, to country, to rock and blues:

Anthony Turnage
Backstreet Boys
Johnny Cash
Charlie Daniels
Happy Children
Waylon Jennings
Cannibal Corpse
Robert Johnson
Bob Ross (master painter)